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About Us

We are the First Pop Piano Music Academy and a sole authorised training center for Play.By.Ear.Syllabus™ and Pop.Piano.Music.Syllabus™, collaborate with Singapore Play by ear music school. We officially opened in 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We focus on teaching Play By Ear Piano with Pop and Jazz music improvisation for adults in addition to Pop piano improvisation for kids. 

We've help thousands of people around Klang Valley how to play their favourite songs without years of lessons. 

We also offer Play By Ear Piano Teaching certification and workshop for both parents and classical music teachers. 


Founder and Program Creator

12 years ago Jacey found that Malaysia music education is rigid and has stayed the same for too long, compare to other countries.

And so the idea for PPM to change the method for music education and in the process to build more play by ear music teacher in Malaysia.

She and her team came out the Play-By-Ear Music Syllabus with her LCM diploma in early childhood music education knowledge and her collaboration with Singapore Play by ear music school and Victoria College of Music from London.

She and her team continue to help and guide people into building a passion about music education for all.

Now with this Play-By-Ear syllabus fully develop, she would like to open up to other music educators in the Malaysia to use it as well.

Founder Jacey
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