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  • What age group do you teach? Is there an age limit?
    Most of the other Piano Academy say no to ages 3. We accepting young learner from ages 3 and above.
  • What syllabus are you using to teach music?
    We using our owned Play By Ear and Improvisation Piano method guide book.
  • What music instruments does your academy teach?
    Piano, Keyboard, Drum, Singing, Bass, and Guitar
  • What languages do you use for your teaching?
    We teach in 3 languages which is English, Chinese, and Malay.
  • What is the entry requirement for 1 to 1 Online Courses?
    As long as you are interested with music. Even if you do not have music background.
  • What do I need to have at my side for the 1 to 1 Online Courses?
    All you need is just an ipad/tab/smartphone/PC/Laptop, with mic and camera. You will also need a quiet room with a stand, keyboard, digital piano.
  • Do you do 1 to 1 Online Courses on selected location?
    We accept all accross the globe. No limitation of location as long you have Internet connection.
  • At what age can children begin piano lessons?
    There are many good music program for toddler or preschoolers. Here we begin teaching 1 to 1, 30 minutes and group is 45 minutes to children at 3 years old. and of course not all young children are ready to begin piano lessons. Here are the ways we determine the child is ready to begin: 1- He or She is potty trained, and willing to speak and communicate with us. 2- He or She should be able to sit on the Piano bench and do some fingering workout for about 5 minutes at a time.
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