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Beginner On Keys Workshop : Play By Ear Made Simple

HELLO THERE! We're Back Again!

About our Beginner On Keys Workshop:

This workshop is perfect for individuals who have no prior knowledge in playing the piano, as well as those who have some background but struggle with chords and improvisation. During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to work on basic major and minor chords, develop essential listening techniques, and get in the groove with other participants. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to strengthen your foundational skills, this workshop is designed to provide a supportive and engaging environment for beginners.


What will we cover?

There are 2 levels in our workshop, each workshop is 1 hour and 30 minutes. 

Each level we will recap and groove together. 

Level 1 overview

- keyboard geography and 10 fingering exercise
- basic chords patterns for melodies and chords in ‘C position’
- know the music Solfege and bass note-names A to G

- simple time signatures and rhythmic patterns

Level 2 overview
- get to know lead music sheet and lyrics sheet.

- awareness of high and low pitch and differentiate intervals.

- make up simple melodies and play together with others.

By the end of this Beginner on Keys Workshop - PLAY BY EAR MADE SIMPLE!

you should be able to...

- understand the keyboard and able to find and name the keys
- read and play simple tunes (in C position) with lead sheet/lyrics sheet

- recognise and play at least 3  popular songs
- understand basic rhythmic patterns and groove with others.

When you have completed the Beginner Key Workshop...

You can consider enrolling in the Play By Ear's individual or group classes, which are available at different levels ranging from Level 1 to Level 3. These classes will further enhance your musical skills and knowledge.

Additionally, Play By Ear offers Jamming classes, where you can explore the art of improvisation and playing music with others. These classes provide a unique opportunity to collaborate and create music in a group setting.

If you're interested in teaching music to young learners, Play By Ear also offers an Early Years Piano Teaching program. This program equips you with the necessary skills to effectively teach piano to children in their early years of development.

All of these courses and classes are conducted at 1ncubator, located at 1 Utama E, or at Publika Solaris Block D1-G4-07. These upcoming classes provide a convenient and enriching learning environment for aspiring musicians like yourself. The choice is yours, and each option will contribute to your growth as a musician.


The 1ncubator, 1 Utama E, Level 1 (next to Ballet Academy)

Admission fees:

RM100 per pax

Open for: 

Ages 10 and above


10.30am to 12.00pm 

Enrol by 1st May 2024

Discover, Learn, and Play By Ear
Piano Everyday approach



Start your Little One Musical Journey Today!

At PPM, we believe in starting the musical journey from an early age. Unlike other Piano Academy. We welcome children as young as 3 years old. 

We believe that if your child begin playing the piano Everyday, he or she would play well by the time they reach 9 years old and above. Here we guide and work closely with Parents to ensure their children enjoy playing the Piano Everyday. 

Our Kinder Pop Piano Play By Ear program is designed by our Principal Ms Jacelyn and PPM experienced music teacher Zmae, focuses on your child's music brain development.

We aim to motivate and encourage each other during daily practice at our PPM Publika location.

Through this program, we help build music interests, exercise both the left and right brain, establish strong technical and musical foundations, and preparing your child for a mini performances and piano examinations.

With our Discover, Learn, and Play Piano Everyday approach, both you and your child will enjoy the learning process. We believe this method works wonders in your child's musical journey.

Our Kinder Pop Piano Play By Ear Music Brain program covers: 

10 key music elements

• Music Brain Training

 • 7 chords pattern
• simple popular songs
• 10 fingers styles
• rhythmic patterns
• basic improvisation and listening skills
• write and wipe music activity book

• music flashcard learning materials

• Daily Music Games

• Mini Recital and appreciation party

Enrol your child in our Kinder Pop Piano program today and unlock their every day play piano musical potential!

Kinder Pop


Never Stop Learning.

ur PPM Pop Piano program for everyone is effective, enjoyable, and inspiring. We take pride in our ability to assist and guide individuals who are eager to enhance their piano and music skills. Through PPM program, you will gain proficiency in reading three different types of music sheets, playing chords and melodies, singing solfeges, and know the rhythm and chant. Our classes are conducted by trained and experienced teachers who will facilitate your learning journey. Additionally, you will learn to write rhythms and develop your ability to play by ear. Our program follows carefully planned modules that incorporate a wide range of songs spanning from old-school classics to modern hits. Alongside this, we provide comprehensive training in pitch recognition, finding the right chords, rhythmic patterns, and improvisation techniques.

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Little Music Class (AGES 3 TO 5)

Discover, Learn and Play Together!

We like to have a small group during our 45 minutes music classes with the little one. We get them to observe and interact with their friends and develop social skill together. 

We use Rhythm, Beats, Groove and creates the sensation of wanting them to move with the music. Through play, they begin to master the basic Play By Ear Music Skills, and we love to help the little one improve concentration levels, helping the kids develop a sense of identity and self-reliance and gain a sense of achievement each week they show up for PPM -LittleMusic Class. 

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“Learning something which is more
creative and fun.”

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