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Music Classroom Management Workshop

RM500  (early-bird RM400, before 20th Sept 2021)

Duration : 3 Hours 

Venue : PPM Publika Block D1

Date : 21.9.2021, Tuesday

Time: 1pm to 4pm

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Teachers who aspire to teach special needs and the contemporary piano playing and to explore new methods and ideas of teaching. This workshop is for You!

One day workshop is for those of you who are keen to gain in-depth insight into the role of a contemporary music educator and is very suitable for those who want to learn how to teach special kids and piano music in an upbeat and creative way and is also aimed towards individuals with limited or no experience in music teaching as the program is instructed through simple and practical methods. 

Participants will undergo role-playing while learning music games, and also receive guidance on initial steps for conducting your own contemporary music teaching.
Upon successful completion of this workshop, participants will obtain an international certificate attendance and be eligible to apply an assessment of Diploma in education from VCM (UK) .

Come and learn to see if you have got what it takes to be a contemporary music educator, in this exclusive and creative workshop by Sherrene Teh and Jacey Tai.

Black and White

End a song with C (add 9) Workshop

RM80  (early-bird RM70, before 5th Oct 2021)

Duration : 60 minutes 

Instrument: Piano

Venue : PPM Publika Block D1

Date : 21.10.2021, Thursday

Time: 7pm to 8pm

Contemporary Piano Teacher Workshop

RM2300 (early-bird RM1900, before 10th Oct 2021)

Duration : 60 minutes (5 months) 

Venue : PPM Publika Block D1

Date : 2.11.2021 (Every Tuesday)

Time: 2pm to 3pm

Teacher Playing Piano

Be a certified child contemporary piano teacher. A 5 months short course to start your journey. PPM contemporary pop piano teaching group is for those who want to build a skill to teach kids age 3 to 7 years old. With our proven method and syllabus, you'll be trained at our academy in Publika by our wonderful head of training, Jacey and Zmae who has 15 years experience in music education industry.

It is an intensive 18 lessons for anyone who want to have all the basic to work effortlessly with any music center, kindergarten or primary school. Additionally, this short course provides a certificate of attendance from VCM (UK) and we will equip you to prepare for a contemporary piano teaching diploma from VCM - London.


Gray Structure

Ear Training Level One For Beginners

RM80  (early-bird RM70, before 5th Oct 2021)

Duration : 60 minutes 

Instrument: Piano

Venue : PPM Publika Block D1

Date : 28.10.2021, Thursday

Time: 7pm to 8pm

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